Framework and flow for coaches who want to build their influence, impact, and income through organic content marketing


You’re scrolling through social media, comparing yourself to every other coach on your feed, and you're afraid of disappearing into the crowd. How can I stand out if there are so many other people doing what I do?

And maybe...

  • No one is responding to the content you create and you feel like you're talking to an empty room
  • Most of the time, you don't even know what to create so you randomly post whatever comes to mind
  • You're not always inspired to create, and when you do create, it's not consistent, so you go days and sometimes even weeks without posting
  • Your audience isn't growing and you're getting tired of posting to the same 8 people you went to school with
  • You worry about not being taken seriously for what you do because of how nervous you feel whenever you're doing a video

So you just kinda stop... and hope to find a work around to getting clients...

Content creation can feel really hard sometimes, which can make growing your coaching business organically feel that much harder...


... but what if it didn't have to be so hard?

  • Have a legit content strategy so you know exactly what to post over and over again...
  • Feel proud of the content you’re creating and know that you’re making an impact
  • Stand out from the masses of other coaches doing what you’re doing, but being the one that everyone wants to go to
  • Be able to build and sustain inspirational flow states so you actually feel good when you’re in creation mode
  • Have an inbox full of DMs of people loving your content and wanting to work with you
  • Feel embodied in your authority as a leader and command the attention of your tribe
  • ... and just, know what the fuck you’re doing when you’re creating content?

What would that look like? How would it feel to be a badass content creator?

A masterclass for epic coaches that merges internal alignment with external strategies so you can embody your power as a leader and create consistent and strategic content that converts.

MODULE 1: Mindset

Shift into the identity of a content creator and learn how to embody your authority in a way that builds your consistency and confidence so you can finally stop doubting yourself.

MODULE 2: Purpose

Understand the intention behind your content creation so you can attract, position, and build trust with your tribe.

MODULE 3: Structure

Integrating frameworks to master the art of communicating with your tribe in a way that hooks and connects

MODULE 4: Strategy

Implementing content creation systems to help mass create epic content

MODULE 5: Flow

Finding inspiration and personal activation as a thought leader and content creator

Video Trainings


Inspo Hacks

2 Content Generating Systems

Powerful Creative Visualizations

Cheatsheets to Keep-on-Hand


Chiara Mazzucco

Chiara  is an empowerment and business coach who turns high achieving women into happy, wealthy, impact-driven powerhouses by helping them grow soul-aligned businesses. She’s an author, host of The Bold Standard podcast, and creator of The Leather Jacket Method - a guide for empowered reinvention. She also mentors rising coaches and helps them step into their next level of success in her Bold Leap Academy. 

Caitlyn Pasternak

Caitlyn is a leadership and business coach who helps women create lives and businesses that turn their soul on. She blends hypnotherapy, quantum physics, intuitive development, and badass business strategy for feminine leaders that are ready to manifest their visions with flow, not force. She's the host of Sexy Soul Radio, a Youtube influencer, and creator of the Sexy Soul Masterclass.


+ I'm a new coach. Will this help me?

YES! This course is perfect to get crystal clear on HOW to create content that converts and build the foundations of your online business. (We WISH we had this when we first started) 

+ I've already built my business. Will this help me? 

YES! If you're looking to increase brand exposure, create more of a loyal tribe, convert high ticket clients with ease, and create a content generating SYSTEM that has you in creative and effective flow states consistently...this is for you. (We still use these same strategies as we continue to grow our businesses)

+ Do you offer refunds?

No, we do not. 

+ Do I have lifetime access?


+ Is there any live support? 

No, there's not. But, we encourage you to join our tribes on social media and let us know much you're LOVING this course!









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