A 3-day cosmic immersion for women who want to experience accelerated quantum leaps while unleashing their fullest feminine expression

creatrix (plural creatrixes or creatrices)

1. (rare) A female creator.


"My heart is SO fucking full, it feels like it’s ripping my chest wide the fuck open 💖

I have to be honest, I always thought it was bullshit when people would leave a retreat and say, “this changed my life!” thinking they were being all dramatic... but that being said...

This retreat truly has changed my life.

I feel so embodied within this vessel, so confident to share ME & my vision with the world."

-Katerina Bares, Online Transformation Coach-

"You will freaking expand your soul so beyond belief. You hold onto every word Caitlyn speaks and she just pours out this incredible information that is going to resonate with your soul. Then she helps you integrate it into your body so you can go back into the world and attract all of your desires to you. It just magnetizes it all so much faster and so much easier!"

-Rebecca Fabick, Divine Intuitive Healer-


I have felt myself floating since walking out of that portal. Feeling the crystal grid forever surrounding me.

When Caitlyn said when you leave here you’ll never be the same, I just submitted. I surrendered. I wanted that but wasn’t 100% in belief.

OKAY YA’ALL I BELIEVE. I meditated for most of my flight home with music and I felt like I was on a shroom trip. It was amazing."

-Kelsey Low, Self Love + Biz Bestie-

This is for soulful women, creators, and leaders who are 110% committed to their ascension journey and diving DEEP into themselves so they can create quantum shifts in their reality. 
If you're a woman who is ready to embody more of your Divinity, become a master navigator of your energy field, unleash your wildest expression, and RECEIVE a life of luxury and belong in the Creatrix Matrix.
While we do like to keep some of the mystique around the experience, just know…. We do not call it an energetic portal just because it sounds cool ;)
This immersion is set up to be an ACTUAL matrix playground for women who want to take their leadership and creatrix/wizardry skillsets to the next level. 
Throughout the journey, you’ll be receiving the BEST energetic work available to clear old feminine wounds and open your channel, receive all-star training in shifting your energetic grid to create amplified results, learn and embody the new paradigms of feminine manifestation and entrepreneurship, and connect with other game-changing women from around the world.
The last time we hosted this experience we told the women it would be as potent as a plant medicine journey without the plant medicine and in full transparency, it was even MORE powerful than that. 
This energy will transform you on a cellular level.

"I've been waiting my WHOLE LIFE, to lean in this deep with a group of women (and men). To show up as the Angel, Priestess, Galactic Goddess I've always claimed to be...

My life has never been normal, and now it will NEVER BE THE SAME.


I'm on my knees for you Caitlyn Pasternak for creating this, for giving me permission and truly holding this sacred space 🙏💕you are a true Queen...and a Galactic Mermaid Goddess and I see you, I honor you♥️

My body has changed is so many ways and I'm excited for the pleasure to just keep coming in.

I've got my Wings and it's time to fly into the world and help others express themselves."

-Christina Elizabeth, Head of Magic at The Embodied Influencer-

"Otherworldly. That is what this experience has been. Caitlyn has brought so many planes and dimensions into the physical plane for us to experience and release. Creatrix Matrix has given us permission to ground our own cosmos into this physical reality and fully express this. I’ve never experienced anything like this."


-Rachael Bradbury, Intuitive Life Coach-

"If you are being called to this experience, then you have to go. If something is calling you to this experience, then that something, if you decide not to come, is not going to go away. Just give in. Just go. Just do the work. Show up when you are being called to come because it is going to do nothing but benefit you. You will come out on the other side grateful that you took that leap."

-Erin Bailee Stump, Intuitive Life Coach & Detoxification Specialist-

About your host:

Caitlyn Pasternak is a spiritual leadership mentor and ascension activator for female creators who are ready to ditch the hustle and create a life of cosmic luxury.
She blends quantum healing, hypnotherapy, matrix energetics, quantum flow, and a variety of other modalities to create the most integrative experience for her clients possible.
Creatrix Matrix is the most potent energetic container to experience Caitlyn's work and leave with EVERYTHING you need to make quantum leaps in EVERY area of your life (business, wealth, relationships, beauty, spiritual connection, etc.)

Some of the magic you'll experience:


-Activation of your soul gifts and multidimensional essence

-Embodiment of your fullest, wildest, unique Feminine frequency

-High-level trainings on feminine wealth creation and cosmic luxury lifestyle design

-Cleared, expanded, and upgraded energetic field with quantum strategies to create and receive with more ease

-FREEDOM from who you thought you were and the limitations you put on yourself as a woman and leader

-Clarity on your Divine purpose and embodied belief in your next level of leadership

-Daily breath-work, quantum healing/recoding, and vibrational healing sessions

-Network spinal analysis sessions to support you energetic integration

-Cleared resistance towards the Divine Masculine and exploration of new Divine Union and sacred polarity templates

-Divine beauty and cellular upgrades of your body through detoxifying foods, quantum flow sessions, ecstatic dance, energy work, etc.

-Deep, sacred soul sister connections with next-level leaders

Plus SO much more….


Do I need to run a business in order to attend?

Most women who attend are entrepreneurs, coaches, and visionaries, but NO it is not a requirement for you to run a business. This experience is for Divine feminine beings who are 110% committed to their ascension, personal growth, and leadership embodiment. 

What "level" do I need to be on in order to attend?

This event will require you to ditch your ego and all stories of being "better than" or "not good enough." We've had both newbie coaches and high-level executives attend this container and they ALL receive massive breakthroughs.

This experience will take you deep into YOURSELF as a leader and navigator of your quantum reality. Attending this experience is usually not a "logical" decision from your mind. It's a decision made from your SOUL.

You likely will not know WHY you're being called here, but your soul KNOWS why ;) TRUST THAT. 

Are accommodations included?

Accommodations are not included, but we will offer discounted hotel rates and will also add you to our private Facebook group so you can connect with other attendees and find a roommate :) 

Are meals included?

Yes! You’ll receive two high-vibe, organic and vegan meals in the early afternoon and evening on all three days of the event. Water, tea, and snacks will also be available for you throughout the event.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! The investment and payment options will be presented after we approve your application. We also offer PayPal credit as a payment option which allows you to pay for the event without paying interest or upfront fees for 6 months :)


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