A 12-week transformational course for women


Are you ready to rise up and create a life that turns your SOUL on?

"This was the BEST investment that I've ever made! My life has shifted in so many ways because of SSM and I now have the tools to move through every single block I could ever encounter. If you invest in this course, every aspect of your life will shift! I cannot recommend anything more!"

Zahra Ali

"I found SSM absolutely life-changing and I wish that everyone would sign up for it - it is magical! Through this course I have found my purpose and I have more self-love/respect/awareness than I have EVER had before in my life. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. What you get back is truly worth everything!"

Claire Smith

This is about moving from THINKING about what you want to actually feeling EMBODIED in your power to create it and BECOME it.

"Taking this course was LIFE CHANGING. I could go on and on and on about how Caitlyn's work has helped me transform every area of my life, but I'll keep it short and sweet. Since this program, I have experienced HUGE growth in so many areas of my life - career & finances, spirituality, sexuality, self-love / body-love, and just all over discovering myself while creating a life I LOVE. I have so many tools that I will have in my back pocket for the rest of my life and I now feel EMPOWERED in myself to do all of the work I knew I was capable of. I am SO grateful for this experience."

Anjuli Lucas

"Through this program I've shed so many layers of fear, ego and insecurity and I've learned to trust myself fully, shine brighter, and open up to the most abundance I have ever received in both my business and life. This program has showed me how worthy I truly am, how much abundance and love I deserve, how I am on my authentic path, and that the world really needs MY light to shine."

Christina Echevarria


This is for the woman that KNOWS she is playing small and holding herself back in life.

If you're inspired AF by self-help and spiritual concepts, but don't know how to actually LIVE by them. If you're a soulful woman who is struggling with owning her worth, finding your true purpose, feeling confident in your skin, and living in an overflow of abundance....

If you're ready to DITCH your insecurity, scarcity mentality, anxiety, and constantly fearing what other people will think about you....

If you're ready to live a life full of authentic self-expression, magic, and intuition...

If you're ready to ACTUALLY create space for yourself, COMMIT to doing the real work, and BEING the embodied leader you know you're here to be...


"I really though I knew what I was getting into. I've been on this healing journey for a few years now, doing a lot of work, going to retreats, doing ALL the things, and so I thought, "yes, I know what this is going to be about," but NOTHING prepares you for the amount of growth that happens in such a short amount of time. This is unlike ANY other course."

Nui Louise


This is a self-study experience that will guide you DEEP into yourself and give you transformational tools, strategies, and structure to transform yourself and your life from the inside out. This is NOT a cookie-cutter/surface-level program. You will be diving DEEP into your subconscious wounding so you can truly ACTIVATE your personal power.

Every module builds off the next in a strategic way so by the time you complete the journey, you will EXPERIENCE radical transformation in every area of your life; most importantly, the relationship you have with yourself.

What it includes:

  • Weekly video trainings accompanied with breakthrough worksheets and journaling prompts
  • Weekly hypnosis tracks, visualizations, and subconscious reprogramming audios to radically shift your self-image and subconscious mind
  • Transformational practices (somatic bodywork, hypnotic dance, emotional clearing, embodiment practices, etc.) for you to use throughout your journey
  • Weekly soul-stretches and action-oriented strategies to help you shift from cognition to EMBODIMENT of the work
  • Access to exclusive Facebook group with other SSM students to find accountability buddies, share wins, and tune in for live pop-up training from Caitlyn

"I came into SSM as a woman in search of self-love and I am now leaving SSM as an embodied woman who knows how to love herself so deeply and compassionately. Now the rest of my life is falling into place in such a miraculous way. I want to share this work with everyone I know!"

Stephanie Love Cypress

Course Curriculum

1 - Releasing Your Stories: Set fire to the old stories that have kept you stuck by releasing limiting beliefs lodged in your subconscious through powerful trance work 

2 - Emotional Releasing: Release emotional traumas, shame, anxiety, and other toxic emotional habits locked in your subconscious body through breath work, hypnosis, and somatic body practices  to clear space for your highest self to emerge

3 - Inner Child Healing: Break free from your old paradigms and fears by healing your connection to your inner child and shifting from victim to victor 

4 -(Real)Self-Love: Get to the root of REAL, unconditional self-love by clearing through your egos blocks to radical self-acceptance and admiration of your soul-self 

5 - Highest Self Integration: Experience a spiritual download of insight from your highest self and do deeper reprogramming work to align your habits and energy with your highest self 

6 - Busting Out of Self-Sabotage: Take a deep dive into shifting paradigms and learn specific strategies to move through resistance that is bound to occur during any up-leveling journey 

7- You + Your Body: Accelerate your journey by working through transformational body-love practices that will allow you to shift out of self-judgment and into self-honoring so you can feel embodied in your highest self

8 - You + Sexual Energy: Heal your relationship with your feminine body, awaken your inner Goddess, and begin utilizing your sexual energy for accelerated states of creativity and bliss

9 - You + Your Calling: Awaken your soul's desires for career/business and begin manifestation practices to bring your vibration into alignment with your desired expressions of success and abundance

10 - You + Money: Work through your money blocks and fears and learn both internal and external practices to shift your money story and get an action plan to create financial abundance

11 - Manifestation Pt. One (Creating the Vibration): Move beyond the theory of Law of Attraction and work through a variety of accelerated practices to get you embodied in your ability to exist as a quantum creator 

12 - Manifestation Pt. Two (Holding the Vibration): Learn a variety of vibrational shifting practices and get clear on a lifestyle plan for you to feel confident in continuing the manifestation of the life you desire

"The Sexy Soul Masterclass has changed my life, there is no other way to put it. I have gained self love and confidence, and EVERYTHING I wanted to manifest has come true. What this course has done for my life is indescribable, and I wish I could put all my thoughts into everybody because no one would hesitate to take this course if they knew the MAGIC that was in it."

Kelsey Williams


Transformational visualizations and hypnosis tracks that are customized for specific outcomes (emotional releasing, highest self integration, sexual awakening, manifestation, etc.) These tracks will be yours for life and will serve as the catalyst for your transformation.


Themed mantra track recordings that you can play in your car, at the gym, or at any point throughout your day to accelerate subconscious  reprogramming so you can dramatically shift your beliefs about yourself, your body, and your potential as a conscious creator. These are yours for life!

"This masterclass COMPLETELY changed my life. Because I have become a completely different person. This work has helped me come HOME to myself, find my light and my purpose, and actually learn HOW to manifest a new reality. Her process doesn't follow a 1-2-3 step guide. It isn't a matter of "do this and you'll be happy!!" You have to be READY to truly show up for yourself, ditch victim mentality, and play full out. She gives you real tools and empowers YOU to help yourself. You'll leave her work with a new found sense of freedom to take on the world. Every woman deserves to feel this way."

Jamie Montgomery

This masterclass is the program I wish I had years ago. It encompasses everything I’ve learned throughout my own journey and my work with dozens of private clients. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this program to ensure you have everything you need (and more) to break free from mindset work that’s left you feeling hopeless and experience vibrational transformation that will radically shift your relationship to yourself and create the life you long to live.

If you know me, you know I’m real AF and serve it up straight.

I’m not interested in THEORY. I’m interested in RESULTS. In making this, I was 110% committed to you and your growth. I am so grateful for our souls to merge in this journey together.

"I got the entire value of the course in week ONE and every week after that has just stacked on it. If you're considering this course, stop thinking about it. Just figure out how to make it happen because it WILL change your life."

Dayna Schmidt Johnson

If you know deep down that you are destined for MORE out of life and are ready to free yourself from the BAGGAGE and start shining like the brilliant, gorgeous, and talented soul you are….do not let FEAR stop you.

Ask yourself, “Where has fear and indecision gotten me so far?”

Then, drop into your heart and ask “What would I do if I LOVED and BELIEVED IN myself?”


That is the difference between successful people and people who stay stuck in their shit. 

They take action from their intuition before their minds talk them out of it.


Are you ready?


"SSM was something that has allowed me to redefine where I am going as a person and the legacy that I am leaving behind. This program opens the doorway to get access to your DEEP truth and allows you to exist at a whole new level - something EVERY woman needs to experience. I could not be more grateful!"

Chiara Giorgi

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your payment options?

You can pay in either one or three installments via credit card or Paypal. We’re happy to offer a payment option through PayPal credit, which will give you complete and full access to Sexy Soul Masterclass and all the bonuses. You pay nothing today. You have no payments and zero interest for 6 months. 

How much time do I have to commit to this every week?

Video modules and accompanying worksheets will average one hour and your weekly assignments will take 20-40 minutes everyday. The program is self-paced and is setup to give you hassle-free tools to make this lifestyle adjustment as easy and effective as possible. You can access the modules whenever your schedule allows. Some women will prefer to go through it all on one day, some will prefer breaking it up into multiple days. It’s totally your preference! You will have lifetime access to this course and the materials in it. 

Will I have access to individual coaching?

No, there's not. But, you get access to an exclusive Facebook group with other SSM students where you can find accountability buddies, share wins, and tune in for live pop-up training from Caitlyn.


Do you offer refunds?

No, we do not.

How much experience do I need to start this program?

Whether you’ve been into personal development for five years or five days, you will experience a huge shift during this program. This is a journey of self-exploration and intuitive guidance. You will meet yourself wherever you are at in the deeper practices and have the flexibility to begin manifesting whatever your core values in life are right now (a new relationship, a new business, financial freedom, a more loving relationship with yourself, etc.) It is ALL available for you.

What makes this program different?

This program is isn’t about flooding you with more information and practices to engage your conscious mind. It is developed in a way to access your core conditioning in your subconscious mind so you can make the transformation last. We’re working intensely with every aspect of your life and self-image so you can embody the woman you desire to be on all areas of your life. This isn’t mindset. This is soul-set.

This program encompasses everything Caitlyn has learned from years of self-study, workshops, mentorship, retreats, NLP/hypnosis certification, and somatic training to give women the most integrative transformation course available today.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please e-mail [email protected].












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