A 6-week self-study course to unleash your inner mystic, embody your feminine superpowers, and become a force of nature.


You feel you’ve reached a fork in the road of your spiritual journey. 

You go right, you get your boot straps on and dive deeper into reprogramming your mindset and subconscious beliefs to become a more powerful manifester. 

You go left, you embrace full feminine surrender and roll around naked in the grass pleasuring yourself, hoping Source will create for you. 

Neither feel right. 

Neither feel EXPANSIVE for you. 

You know there’s a path beyond these paths. 

Sure ...you are a feminine being who desires to feel increased pleasure, joy, and surrender.

But, you’re also incredibly driven, passionate, and devoted to your soul’s purpose

You don’t want to be super rigid with your internal practices and visualizations (you’ve been there...done that).

But, you also don’t want to be in the swampy feminine, letting life do what it will with you. 

You’re ready for so. much. more. 

You’re ready to move beyond the outdated, mental manifestation hacks and unlock your own unique ascension codes and embody who you are as a multidimensional being

You’re ready to expand and channel more of your feminine frequency so that you can unite with the divine masculine within and create worlds

You’re ready to embrace and embody the lifestyle of a feminine-mystic who knows exactly what to do when she’s doing in the zero-point-field. 

You're ready to unlock your identity as a Divine leader, channel your OWN healing modalities, and become a more powerful cosmic guide.


You’re ready for all of this and more because you, my love, are a SHEWIZARD.

SheWizard is a 6-week self-study course that will teach you the fundamentals behind subconscious reprogramming and healing modalities, guide you into new multidimensional realmsawaken expansive feminine coding within your vessel, and train you to become a magnetic creator
This course blends mysticism, quantum hypnotherapy, and bioenergetics with channeled processes and teachings on feminine ascension, quantum navigation, sacred union, and co-creation
Think of a sexy, cosmic, and virtual version of Hogwarts ;) 

You'll have LIFETIME access to this potent 6-week course

This includes:

🌟18+ video trainings and activations

🌟Workbooks to accompany each module with writing prompts and activations 

🌟Channeled guided processes

🌟Accessible tools to help you take actionable steps towards your dream life now

YES! I'm so in!

I’ve been a devoted student of spiritual growth for years and have attended more trainings, certifications, and retreats than I can count. I’ve been certified in hypnotherapy, quantum healing, NLP, and timeline therapy. I have studied bioenergetics, feminine energetics, subconscious transformation, and esoteric principles in great depths. 

And…the most potent teachings I’ve received have been through my own channel with Spirit. 

It’s my belief that we all have unique teachings, processes, and ascension codes to unlock within humanity IF our channel is open to receiving it and we have some background information installed. 

In this course, I am sharing with you the WHY behind processes so you can step into your role as a multidimensional Shewizard who knows how to shift and navigate her own quantum field without relying on anything outside of yourself. 

I am truly honored to share this work with you and give you permission to step into this new archetype of a Shewizard in your life. A world with more women connected to their feminine energy AND their power as a quantum creator is the world I wish to exist in. 

And so it is.

NOW is the time for awakened feminines to step into more of who they came here to be. 

We know that what used to work…no longer works. 

We know that what others are preaching ...we no longer resonate with. 

We know, in our core, we are here to CREATE the new way.

Each and everyone of has UNIQUE cosmic coding that will unlock more of the heaven-on-earth grids on our planet.

SheWizard is designed to awaken these codes, connect you deeper to your multidimensionality, and support you with the tools you need to EMBODY and EXPAND your purpose as a Divine feminine leader

If you are devoted to your ascension path and the frequency of this offering is calling you....I'd LOVE for you to join us










You can pay in either one or three installments via credit card or Paypal. We’re also happy to offer a payment option through PayPal credit, which will give you complete and full access to SheWizard and all the bonuses. You pay nothing today. You have no payments and zero interest for 6 months.

Each week contains three video trainings which will take you roughly an hour a week to watch. Each video will prescribe unique assignments to support your integration of the work that can take anywhere from 1-4 hours/week. 

There are also three bonus recorded trainings and activations that run for 1-3 hours each.

You can access the modules, live replays, etc. whenever you choose to work with your own schedule :) You will have lifetime access to this course and the bonuses that come with it.  

No, our live session ran only once. Fortunately, we recorded the live Q+A sessions and included them in the bonus trainings section of the course!

It's preferred for you to have a solid chunk of personal development and spiritual growth work underneath your belt. If you're a seasoned meditator... even better.

That being said, this program will attract the perfect souls that are meant be experience this magic. So, if you feel the pull...listen. 

This course is a channeled offering for feminines ascending. It is not a course where you're going to re-learn the same things you've learned time and time again. It's an EXPERIENCE. Each video will share a new code or process for you to apply on your own and activate the wizard with. 

This work is for light body expansion, mysticism, quantum navigation, and all of the things we can't access in our modern literature. 

This course is also the first to blend feminine energetics with masculine creative energy in this manner. It's truly a gift to women as they awaken into new archetypes of the feminine. 

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please e-mail [email protected]


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